Compliance is confusing. Can I have it simplified?

Agreed, Compliance can be overwhelming!

Today, formal compliance activities are increasing due to consumer expectations, regulatory regulations, and/or an organization's desire to show off its internal security processes and controls to outside parties.

Globally, recent data protection legislation has established each person's right to privacy and the security of their personal data. The frequency and seriousness of security breaches increase as personal data only increases in value. Companies that do not sufficiently safeguard their data risk reputational damage and perhaps crippling fines. The topic of which compliance commitment is the best for a business to pursue frequently arises. At several governmental levels, there are laws that specify data protection and impose severe fines for violations.

With so many rules, specifications, and certifications, it's understandable why firms would be perplexed. Industry techniques and standards have changed throughout time to better safeguard the data they manage, but because of their diversity and complexity, it can be challenging to know where to start. All require a common set of best practises with regard to the privacy and the security of data and services, even if most have particular and distinctive criteria. Your organisation will be better able to meet the changing requirements of compliance if you use a well-known standard to build a strong foundation for compliance-related matters.

➔ Establishment

By displaying the design and operational efficacy of internal controls, ManuComply may provide enterprises considerable benefits over market competitors. A strong Information Security Management Management System may be implemented by organisations with the aid of the ManuComply standards framework. The criteria and controls of the cloud-based compliance management system evaluate how businesses manage certain subsets of the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. While the rules you must go by will vary depending on your market, area, industry, and consumer base, there is enough commonality in the needs between set standards and rules. ManuComply was created to reduce comparable risks, and both are evaluated by outside auditors to offer impartial confidence that the implemented controls are effective.

The criteria and controls are comparable in a number of ways:

  • Risk management
  • The definition and comprehension of roles and duties, particularly those related to information security, operational planning, and control, and commitment and leadership
  • Information security policy and process implementation
  • Physical and logical security measures
  • Protocols for password management

➔ Streamlining Compliance Initiatives

The bottom line is that you must select the standard that is most appropriate for your industry and clientele, so pick one that will enable you to follow procedures that will move you closer to compliance with another standard. The goal of ManuComply was to make it easier to obtain and prove compliance with numerous rules while also increasing the predictability of successful outcomes. Your firm may feel secure knowing that it is well-positioned to meet a variety of needs with an assurance that ManuComply rules are in place and followed on a regular basis.

➔ Lowering Risk

Your Compliance Partner must be prepared to meet changing compliance standards if you want to move to the cloud. Working with a cloud provider who has established best practices, such as ManuComply's attestation report, is a smart place to start. As a result, a portion of your operations will have security and security practices "built in," which will lessen the amount of effort your team must do to match its own information security policies. Additionally, by integrating the cloud provider's security procedures into the application layer through an application platform layer, you may reduce risks and vulnerabilities from leaking into your application layer. In the end, this will streamline your efforts to achieve compliance for your whole application environment and related procedures, as well as make it simpler to follow any necessary standards, certifications, or laws.

Simplify Compliance assists its clients in being more prepared to accomplish their strategic objectives. By giving its clients access to the most recent knowledge, essential regulatory information, and compliance updates, ManuComply enables its clients to behave intentionally, deliberately, and meaningfully. Additionally, it never stops innovating to ensure that we are consistently meeting your requirements by providing the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate moment. We assist your firm at every step and during every stage of growth, providing everything from industry updates to implementation of best practices to staff training.

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