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Calibrating your compliance management means having an inside view of your overall compliance framework and governance and what matters to you....+
A unique point of reference for all of your regulatory needs is provided by the Manucomply Calendar solution. This calendar includes compliance duties, deadlines....
An explanation into the process of ways for managing a legal notice through its life-cycle....
We live in a time when in-house legal counsels' responsibilities are no longer confined to producing legal papers or offering legal advice. In-house counsels now have a wide range of responsibilities...
Do you realise the advantages that procurement contract lifecycle management may provide to your company? The procurement process at your...
Pressure is building and competition is changing. From ‘quote to order’, a timely reaction is required since mistakes destroy deals...
In recent times, financial institutions (FIs) have been under a lot of pressure to adapt and reinvent their client lifecycle management (CLM)...
Delivering a legal notice carries a significant importance when in later stages one wishes to establish successful delivery or attempt at successful delivery...
AI is no longer a legal buzzword. Technology is changing the legal field. AI has improved to help the human mind and save time in law....
Request & Matter Management System for Corporate Legal Teams, In this blog, we portray Challenges Faced...+
In today’s dynamic times, the legal fraternity is adapting to change rapidly. Be it courtrooms, law firms, companies or legal publishing...+
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how they operate...+
Technology is rapidly transforming the world as we have known, both personally and professionally. Adopting, embracing...+
In simple terms, Knowledge Management streamlines the process of capturing, distributing, and....+
According to Forbes, around 70% of cloud migration and digital transformation are not properly...+
Enterprise mobility (a.k.a business mobility) is the next revolutionary upcoming trend of businesses...+
Legal Tech is now part of the paradigm of practicing law for all lawyers - Not being abreast is no longer an option...+
Are you a lawyer jumping from system to system to access case files, research, court deadlines et...+
As each day passes, the world is becoming more technology intensive. The news about the rampant...+
Specifically in legal practice, the majority of work performed is document focused specifically....+
Due to easy access to information in business-to-consumer markets, customers today are accustomed to getting real-time updates...+
MyKase is a law practice management software developed by Manupatra. It aims at providing businesses and lawyers a unified platform to enable the...+

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