~ Our Story ~

Born during the boom and launched during the bust!

The year was 2000, India was in the throes of the dot com bubble. A routine meeting was taking place between lawyers and the founders. The discussion veered to India being a litigation-prone society and the copious amounts of research involved. The lawyers articulated an ideal scenario in which they could simply hire a legal research team that would do it for them.

That was the moment when Manupatra was conceived. By the time it was launched the dot com bubble had burst.

What sets this Start Up story apart from the rest is, that while the ‘90s dot-coms vowed to change the world, Manupatra did it. It changed the way legal research was done, and in the process created a highly profitable industry which we now refer to as LEGALTECH in India. We became the generic term of reference for legal research in India.

Coming of age took time. It wasn’t a smooth ride; the founders were not from a legal, engineering, or publishing background. And thus were dismissed as the new kids on the block.

For all the members of the core team, this was their first internet or online stint. Our initial years were challenging and demanding. There was no precedence to fall back on; we experimented, failed, pivoted, and experimented again ad infinitum. Over time slowly, but surely, we grew into our own.

Today, the 2-member team is 175+ strong, the single office is 18+ offices across India and Bangladesh. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to evolving the field of legal research in India and abroad.

Engineering disruption. Ever since we pioneered the use of technology for legal research our dedication to innovation has been unwavering. Over the past 20 years, we have added tech solutions that cater to the complex needs of the legal fraternity while continually spearheading the online legal research field in India.

Over 20 years, Manupatra has pushed the envelope of what technology is capable of doing within the legal domain. We were #legaltech before the phrase was even coined, we were a startup before the word was even incubated. We are Manupatra!

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