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Category A Eligibility First Year Students of 5 Year Law Course
What do you consider to be the key challenges facing society in the 21st century and how can lawyers contribute to meeting these challenges
Are there aspects of our society which you will be more equipped to improve as a result of having a legal education
What one non-professional activity do you find most inspirational and why
An opinion you have had to defend and how has this affected your belief system
Category B Eligibility Second Year Students of 5 Year Law Course
How does the reality of studying law match your initial expectations
Why must human rights be protected by the rule of law
Is there anything that has particularly stood out for you in your course that you feel has given you knowledge and/or skills to enable you to have a positive impact on society?
Law, justice and the common man
Category C Eligibility Third Year Students of 5 Year Law Course
                                   First Year Student of 3 Year Law Course
Blogs, Twitter, Social Media and the Legal Practise - Legal and Ethical Implications
Can human rights be universal and have respect for cultural relativism
Suing the search engines - The new trends in legal action
Category D Eligibility Fourth & Fifth Year Students of 5 Year Law Course
                                   Second & Third Year Students of 3 Year Law Course
Evidence Obtained from Remote Electronic Traffic Devices: An Argument for Admissibility in Civil and Criminal Cases
The Role of Diversity in the Criminal Justice System
Technology Mediated Dispute Resolution - A new paradigm for ADR
The impact of transnational governance on international trade, foreign investment, and dispute resolution mechanism