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Manupatra has been innovating at the intersection of Law and Technology since the year 2000, and in the process designing and developing technology products that streamline the operations of lawyers, law firms and legal departments.

We pioneered online legal research in India with the debut launch of our legal research platform built over the most exhaustive legal and business information database.

A perfect blend of law & technology the intuitive platform helps users navigate the law faster and improve their decision-making.

We want to be the indispensable partner of legal professionals, helping them win cases, manage their work more efficiently, serve their clients better and grow their practices. To achieve this, the company has grown and diversified its product portfolio over the years, setting benchmarks as a pioneer for others to follow in the Legal-Tech space.

Established 2000

10 Products

15+ Countries

100000+ Users

  • 2001

    Debut launch of Online Legal Research Platform.
    Reckoned as Pioneer of online legal research in India.

  • 2004

    Case Locator on CDROM

  • 2005

    Foray into Print Publishing. Acquisitions and green field ventures

  • 2010

    First ever Mobile App for Legal Research

  • 2012

    Analytics & Visualisation Tools incorporated in Legal Research Platform

  • 2015

    Bangladesh Operations. Launch of
    BDLEX.COM - Online legal research platform for Bangladesh

  • 2017

    Self Paced E-learning Platform

  • 2019

    Automatic Case Tracker for Indian Courts

  • 2020

    An all-in-one Law Practice Management Platform (Case, Document, Billing, Task and more)

  • 2021

    Notice Management Platform

  • 2022

    Compliance Management Platform

~ Products ~



    Database, Search, Analytics : An intuitive platform to navigate the law faster and smarter.

    Research is one of the cornerstones of the legal profession. It’s also one of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks.

    As a digital pioneer, Manupatra was the first to offer electronic accessibility of India’s and International legislative, regulatory and procedural materials through an exhaustive database. With the use of analytics, enterprise search, information retrieval technology such as ML, AI, NLP, we help deliver powerful, new decision-making tools to our users across the globe.

    www.manupatra.com is a game changer in the way that lawyers conduct legal research. It makes exhaustive Research possible anytime – anywhere, resulting in user getting the relevant reference document critical for them to win cases, complete transactions, file reports, tenor advise etc. Many users term it as the closest thing to a legal google which is rather intuitive in its searching, and leads to relevant results.

    Over the years Manupatra has become the default legal research tool of the judiciary, the government, lawyers and legal firms, corporates, and students alike.


    An all-in-one Law Practice Management Platform

    Practice management platforms are like the Swiss army knives of the legal-tech industry. They form the backbone of a legal practice and can include support for almost all of its processes.

    myKase platform streamlines the end to end operations of the legal teams, starting from prospecting, onboarding, manage the lifecycle of each matter till its closure. It helps legal professionals manage cases, documents, calendar, tasks like invoicing, expenses, time tracking, reporting, and offers seamless integrations with frequently used tools and apps and much more.

    It offers support for geographically dispersed teams with a single-snapshot workflow views, and a centralized data repository, apart from multi-device accessibility and invoicing support.

    Solutions available: 1. Litigation Management 2. Notice Management 3. Request & Matter Management for Corporate Legal Teams



    The most efficient way to track your cases

    Case Watch is a Case Alert service which helps you monitor the activity of cases in the Indian Court System. All you need to do is to add the case number for the respective court and sit back, while Case Watch tracks your Cases and sends you an Email Alert for the next date of hearing, or notifies you when an Order has been uploaded.

    This means that you stay on top of the information pertaining to your case without having to search each time. Free up precious time of your team from manually keeping a tab on cases across courts. Manage your workflow with personalized cause list, display board, a To Do List and much more.
  • Your Compliance Companion on the Cloud


    Streamlined Approach To Compliance And Governance

    Compliance is innate to every corporation’s business operations. India Inc.’s business environment is strictly regulated with multiple laws and regulations to follow. Organizations today are required to address a confluence of perennial and evolving compliances putting new demands on compliance management with ever changing, constantly multiplying requirements. Governance, Risk and Compliance continues to be complex business challenge.

    With numerous deadlines, a web of correspondence and multiple stakeholders, managing your compliances can be complex and challenging. Staying on top of your compliances requires an intelligent Compliance management software that enables collaboration and helps ensure critical deadlines are met. Manucomply is a cloud based, end to end Compliance Management System which enhances compliance capabilities and eliminates repetitive tasks, giving your team time back to focus on keeping compliant.
  • Transforming Contract Management





    Contracts are the cornerstone of any transaction between entities, and are the driving force behind all types of transactions across businesses. The relevance of knowing how to work with contracts is such that it is an independent work profile on its own with specialist professionals in the field. Paying attention to the minutest aspects of a contract is thus vital to ensure a streamlined contract lifecycle.

    Why Manucontract
    • Provides an optimal platform for companies of any size, gives small businesses access to inexpensive contract management solutions.
    • Centralize your Contract Repository: Searchable, Secure & Online : Import your contracts from Google Drive, Dropbox, E-mail etc.
    • Create high quality Contracts with exhaustive clause library and templates
    • Transform your information into strategic assets with data driven reporting, enabled with a Report Builder.
    • Create and execute paperless contracts with Microsoft Azure cloud hosting and E-Mudhra enabled capability.
    • Custom Workflows with provision to assign parts of a contract to different users.
  • E-Learning Platform


    A self-paced e-learning platform which promotes Continuing Professional Development through certification courses in 6 Indian languages. The Courses are for Lawyers, Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs or any keen learner. Languages covered - English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali.

    150+ Certified Courses

    50+ Domain Expert

    1000+ Case Studies

    6 Languages

    Research shows that career readiness is a critical problem faced by employers worldwide. With an effort to make first timers ready to work, Lawskills courses are designed and developed by renowned practitioners, who are experts in their respective fields.
  • Legal Database for Bangladesh


    BDLex is Bangladesh’s largest and fastest growing database, enabling faster and better legal research, offering not only domestic case law and legislation, but also a vast International (India and Pakistan) repository.

    A single point source of accessing diverse Bangladesh legal and business knowledge that helps users make critical decisions. BDLex can be used in a wide variety of end markets with users ranging across the Academic, Corporate, Government, Professionals (Lawyers, CA, CS, etc), Banks, Consulting Companies, Media Houses, Litigants , Research Organisations, NGO’s and others.

    Case Tracking in Bangladesh courts with automatic alerts is also offered.

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